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Add a pedigree

To complete GeneaBoule, you have two choices depending on the quantity of informations you have.

You have informations about french bulldogs already in GeneaBoule: you can add a comment on the file (there's a link to a form at the bottom of each file). Your comment will be visible fast.

You have a complete pedigree with informations partially or totaly unknown in GeneaBoule: you can send your informations by e-mail.

E-mail adress for contact

(please write in ENGLISH or FRENCH if you can)

NB: the webmaster is administrating the site voluntarily, so responses delays are variable (some days to few weeks).

Essential informations

  • SON'S NAME or DAUGHTER'S NAME (specify gender) = FATHER'S NAME x MOTHER'S NAME (write names in uppercases, if possible split affix from name with a comma):

Further informations useful

  • Coat colors;
  • Dates of birth;
  • Dates of death;
  • Stud book number (LOF, LOSH, NHSB, VDH...);
  • If the french bulldog is a champion, its awards;
  • etc.

Orphans dogs

Old french bulldogs with parents unknown are on the page Orphans dogs. If you know parents names add a comment on the files.


If you're the author of french bulldogs pictures, you can send some.

Warning: in order to allow the webmaster to publish your pictures on website, please for each picture join an authorization of publication that you can obtain by filling in the form publication of picture authorization.

To be clear I invite you to send only one picture per e-mail with: for subject the complete name of the french bulldog (as writen in GeneaBoule), for content the text of the authorization obtained with the form, and with attach the picture.

Informations on come from french bulldogs owners researches. There are maybe errors, so don't hesitate to contact webmaster if you find some, and if you have more informations: it's thanks to sharing this database exists!