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Stud books

Abbreviations and countries

Abbreviation Meaning Country
ANKC Australian National Kennel Council [Flag of Australia] Australia
AKC[ NM] American Kennel Club [Flag of United States of America] United States of America
CKC[.SBL] Canadian Kennel Club [Flag of Canada] Canada
CMKU[/FB] Ceskomoravská Kynologická Unie [Flag of the Czech Republic] Czech Republic
CSHPK Ceskoslovenská Hlavní Plemenná Kniha [Flag of the Czech Republic] Czech Republic
CSSKK Ceskoslovenský Svaz Kynologických Klubu [Flag of the Czech Republic] Czech Republic
DKK Dansk Kennel Klub [Flag of Denmark] Denmark
KC Kennel Club [Flag of Great Britain] Great Britain
KCSB Kennel Club Stud Book [Flag of Great Britain] Great Britain
LOE Livre des Origines Espagnol [Flag of Spain] Spain
LOF[ 9 B.F.] Livre des Origines Français [Flag of France] France
LOI Livre des Origines Italien [Flag of Italy] Italy
LOS Livre des Origines Suisse [Flag of Switzerland] Switzerland
LOSH Livre des Origines Saint Hubert [Flag of Belgium] Belgium
MET[.FR.BULL] Magyar Eb Törzskönyv [Flag of Hungary] Hungary
NHSB Nederlands Hondenstamboek [Flag of the Netherlands] Netherlands
OHZB[: FB] Osterreichisches Hundezuchtbuch [Flag of Austria] Austria
PKR Polskiej Ksiegi Rodowodowej [Flag of Poland] Poland
RKF Russian Kynological Federation [Flag of Russia] Russia
S Svenska Kennelklubben [Flag of Sweden] Sweden
SHSB Schweizerischer Hundestammbuch [Flag of Switzerland] Switzerland
SLR [Kinoloska Zveza Slovenije] [Flag of Slovenia] Slovenia
SPKP Slovenská Plemenná Kniha Psov [Flag of Slovakia] Slovakia
VDH[/ZFB] Verband für das Deutsche Hundewesen
Zuchtbuch Französische Bulldoggen
[Flag of Germany] Germany

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