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Pedigrees' credits

Credits - Thanks to

GeneaBoule, French Bulldogs genealogy won't exist without your contribution. There it is the french bulldogs owners list who participated in GeneaBoule, with sharing their pedigrees and researches in their dogs' ancestry:

  • Merci à Marie-Claude Brun pour son aide dans la recherche des origines de Néronne
  • Merci à Françoise Girard pour ses informations précieuses, sa disponibilité et sa gentillesse

Useful links

In my Néronne (BROOKLYN NEVA) ancestry researches, I found a lot of informations on many web sites. This useful links list is not exhaustive:

Informations on come from french bulldogs owners researches. There are maybe errors, so don't hesitate to contact webmaster if you find some, and if you have more informations: it's thanks to sharing this database exists!