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Identity card

  • Full name: (CH) LEIBOLL'S OLFERT
  • Affix: LEIBOLL'S
  • Stud book number: (Denmark) DKK 10058/9
  • Gender: ♂ (male)
  • Date of birth: 1998-04-08
  • Color: brindle (Fau. Bri.)

More about

Informations wanted: Cotation, Sibling(s), Child(ren), Titles... if you know more about LEIBOLL'S OLFERT, add a comment to this file by filling the form at the bottom of the page (paragraph "Comments").

Genealogy tree


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Form add a comment to the LEIBOLL'S OLFERT file

Kraichgau-Bullys, 2008-05-18 18:51:31:

Colour : Brindle

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